Red Tales

ecent stories for wicked readers

Bilingual edition, Araña Editorial, 2012, translated by Rosie Marteau with the author ... And Anne McLean.

‘A shockingly beautiful innovative voice in which the sublime and laughter are perfectly matched’ Andrew Gallix, The Guardian

‘This collection will come as a total shock to mummy porn fans – E. L. James meets J. G. Ballard! Makes both writing and BDSM dangerous once again. Eat your heart out literary establishment’ Stewart Home

‘Medina writes unglossy fables of strangeness and curiosity in those penumbral regions of the earth visited between memory and conjecture. The sharp and cunning constructions are like the relics out of Borges’s library, bones of unborn stories that honour fate and run beyond prediction. Each is a perfectly wrought performance, presenting not so much strange sights or unknown spectacles but instead elegant mementos of sensual moments we too often pass over either in impertinent silence or baffled fear. Medina unearths the small beauties that we like to rebury. Her stories are exquisite reminders of our weird informal freedoms and the zealousness of an inflamed, sexy imagination. This is a book of wonders’

Richard Marshall, 3: AM Magazine

‘A prose both spare and lush, a commendable tension about the enterprise’ Will Self

A collection of eight explosive short stories … Susana Medina’s stories have an alchemical quality, throwing together disparate elements to create tender and terrifying reminders of what it is to be human: the danger and thrill of our appetites and the limits of our reason …’ Joanna Pocock, Litro

‘The everyday worlds of these stories are glamorous & disturbing, compelling & reckless; they are neural maps of consumer surfaces & psychological uncertainties, their inner landscapes demand our attention’ Steve Finbow

‘Medina's writing is both intriguing and involving, probing the margins of narrative as it does, yet still carrying a strong emotional charge. Her subject matter lies in London's demi-monde, and is compelling and often dramatic. This collection will stay with me’ Peter Carty, reviewer for The Independent

‘Her personal profile reveals a writer but most of all a writing.  A singular writing, a unique voice that leads us through a labyrinth that is dark and yet under a luminous sky’ J. A. Masoliver Ródenas, La Vanguardia

‘A tremendously restless vision which relentlessly traverses genres and styles’ Ruben H y Mónica Bergos, Qué Magazine

‘A cult and thoroughbred writer’ Marisol Oviaño, Proscritos

Rosie Marteau took up translating from Spanish after a degree in modern languages and travels in Spain and Latin America. Her previous published work includes Washing Dishes in Hotel Paradise by Eduardo Belgrano Rawson, Hesperus Press 2010. She is currently working on a new translation of work by Argentine author Roberto Arlt.

Anne McLean is a Canadian translator. This twice Independent Foreign Fiction Prize winner is the living proof of the saying "where there is a will there is a way" as she began to learn Spanish in her late twenties and grew familiar with Cervante's tongue while living in Central America. Years later in England she decided to take a Master's Degree in Literary Translation and that is how Anne McLean got to translate works by Julio Cortázar, Susana Medina, Javier Cercas, Evelio Rosero, Juan Gabriel Vázquez, Ignacio Martínez de Pisón and Carmen Martín Gaite, among others. She was awarded the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize in 2009 and 2004 for her translations of Los ejércitos and Soldados de Salamina.

ight magnificent stories for wicked readers

24TH Nov, 11.30 (for 12.00) at Spain NOW!, The Gallery Soho,                   
121 - 125 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0EW (Next to Foyles)
Bilingual edition (Spanish-English). Translated by ROSIE MARTEAU with author. Here’s Spain NOW!’s website info: Spain Now

It’d be wunderfullistic to see you there...

translated from the Spanish by Anne McLean, winner of The Independent Foreign Fiction Prize

Max Aub International Short Story Prize, translation by Susana Medina commissioned by White Window for Les Merveilles du Monde.

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Distributed by Celesa

ISBN 97884Re94000331

‘A fabulous collection of sexy, cerebral, witty and weird stories is about to hit the shelves.’

8 mesmerising stories “for wicked readers”

‘Experiencia directa’, en la columna de Germán Sierra, Quimera, Revista de literatura, No 351

Escritor, neurocientífico y crítico: Germán Sierra

Quimera Germán Sierra.pdfRed_Tales_files/Quimera%20German%20Sierra_1.pdfRed_Tales_files/Quimera%20German%20Sierra_2.pdfshapeimage_8_link_0
Cuentos Rojos. Reseña por 
Juan Carlos VÁSQUEZ. 
Herederos del Caos.


Read excerpts of Red Tales at:

Spain NOW! Red Tales Cuentos Rojos Launch  (reading 1 out of 4),

introduced by Silvia Terrón, Soho Gallery, 125 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0EW

Feria del Libro, Valencia ... Cuentos Rojos ... a partir del minuto 13:35 ... elucidando rumores. Lectura a partir del minuto 26:35 ... Con Julia de la Rúa e Isabel del Río ... Dispelling rumours ... If you don’t speak Spanish ... you may want to watch it for my ‘No’ variations and Marzel’s occasional witty editing ... from minute 13:35.

Hypnotic backdrop to Red Tales at launches ... Video de fondo en las presentaciones de Cuentos rojos

PODCAST ... Charla de Susana Medina en La Facultad de Bellas Artes de San Carles, organizada por nuestro querídisimo Juan Canales y Ricardo Forriols ... donde hablo de la relación de mi escritura con el arte, las instalaciones, de mis escritos que tienden a convertirse en proyecto artístico, película ...

Susana Medina 'El arte experimental es el modo de vivir muchas vidas e ir descubriendo tus propios límites', MARINA FERNÁNDEZ CANO

Rosie Marteau and I were awarded the Farrago Zoo Award 2011 

(Best performance Working in English and Another language) … at the RADA Foyer. We read an excerpt from Red Tales ... translation in progress ... Farrago Poetry is organized by John Paul O’Neill ... best SLAM in London.

Unbeknown to me, Rosie Marteau got in touch with our beloved Dalkey Archive ... with one of my stories ... Luckily, It has been selected for Dalkey’s very prestigious Best European Fiction, 2014

48 Feria del Libro de Valencia, 2013

Feria del Libro Madrid, 2013, with Araña Editorial and Isabel del Río